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Oak Ridge National Laboratory utilizes world-class facilities for development of innovative nanomaterials applications and nanomanufacturing processes, including the following:

Nanoscale Science and Technology Laboratory (NSTL)

The Nanoscale Science and Technology Laboratory Clean Room Facility offers users expertise in compound semiconductor-based device fabrication providing a full range of processes to the scientific and research communities.

NSTL supports a wide variety of thin-film and solid state electronic research projects and provides expertise in compound semiconductor-based device fabrication. A full range of processes are available including: lithography, thin-film deposition and etching. The NSTL facility offers users state-of-the-art processes and fabrication techniques including genome research, SEM, AFM and other microscopic evaluation techniques.

For Information about Metrology Capabilities
For Information about Clean Room Capabilities

Contact: Gary Alley, 865-574-5725, alleygt@ornl.gov


Materials Processing Facility

The Materials Processing Facility provides equipment for research and development on the processing of nanostructured metal and ceramic materials at the macroscopic scale for both structural and functional applications. It enables "Process Science" through development of innovative processing methods, process modeling coupled with experimental research, and operation of unique materials processing equipment.

Ron Ott, 865-574-5172, ottr@ornl.gov
Craig Blue, 865-574-4351, blueca@ornl.gov


High Temperature Materials Laboratory (HTML)

The High Temperature Materials Laboratory (HTML) is a DOE User Facility designed to help solve materials problems that limit the efficiency and reliability of automotive systems. HTML has a suite of powerful equipment for the analysis and characterization of nanoscale materials and includes six user centers available to researchers in industry, universities, and federal laboratories.

Information on user facility analytical tools are given at the Materials Analysis website

Contact:  Edgar Lara-Curzio, 865-574-1749, laracurzioe@ornl.gov


Facilities and Equipment for High-Temperature Superconductivity R&D

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is helping to make the dream of high-temperature (from 20 K up to 135 K) superconductivity a reality.  A full range of available facilities and equipment are described in this summary document.

Contact: Dominic Lee, 865-241-0775, leedf@ornl.gov


The Advanced Laser Structuring Facility

The Advanced Laser Structuring Facility provides high-power short-pulse laser interference equipment with selectable UV-VIS-NIR wavelengths for research and development of periodically micro-nano-structured materials. Metals, intermetallics, ceramics, and polymers can be functionalized with perfect long-range ordered periodic structures through precise energy delivery and modeling capabilities. Click here for a fact sheet on the facility.

For information about R&D performed at the Advanced Laser Structuring Facility click here.

Contact: Claus Daniel, 865-241-9521, danielc@ornl.gov


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