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September 2008

ORNL NanoApplications Center Wins Fifteen Projects from DOE Industrial Technologies Program Call for Proposals in Nanomanufacturing for Energy Efficiency 2008

The ORNL NanoApplications Center received fifteen awards made by the DOE Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) under a recent call for proposals in Nanomanufacturing. Eight of the projects are scheduled to receive funding in FY 2008 and seven are scheduled to start in FY 2009, pending available funds.

Four of the FY 2008 projects are in Nanomanufacturing Process Development, and are funded over three years.

  • Nanostructured Superhydrophobic Coating for Breakthrough Energy Savings, John Simpson, Jun Qu & Vinod Sikka
  • Self-Assembled Nanostructural Carbon for Energy Storage and Water Treatment, David DePaoli
  • Nano Catalysts for Diesel Engine Emission Remediation, Chaitanya Narula
  • Application for Wear Resistant, Nano Composite Coatings Produced from Iron-based Glassy Powders, Bill Peter

The other four FY 2008 projects are one-year Concept Definition Studies.

  • Microwave and Beam Activities of Nanostructured Catalyst for Crude Oil, Bill Griffith
  • Nanoscale Interpenetrating Phase Composites for Industrial and Vehicle Applications, James Hemrick/Michael Hu
  • Large Scale Nanofermentation of Quantum Dots, Lonnie Love
  • Transformational Fabrication of Nano Structural Material Using Plasma Arc Lamps, Adrian Sabau

Of the FY 2009 projects, one effort led by Claus Daniel is a three-year Process Development project, while the other six are one year concept studies.

  • Development and Application of Processing and Process Control for Nanocomposite Materials for Lithium Batteries, Claus Daniel
  • Synthesis of Highly Ordered TiO2 Nanotubes Using Ionic Liquids for Photovoltaic, Jun Qu & Vinod Sikka
  • Pulsed Thermal Processing of Self-Assembled Quantum Dot Structures, Chad Duty & Michael Hu
  • Mesoporous Carbon Membranes for Selective Gas Separations, Sheng Dai
  • Nanocatalytic Conversion of Biomass into Second-Generation Biofuels, Michael Hu and Joanna McFarlane
  • Nanocrystallization of LiCoO2 Cathodes for Thin Films Batteries, Ron Ott
  • Architechural Nanomembranes for In-situ Energy Conversion, Michael Hu

The ORNL NanoApplications Center contributed significantly to the development of the ITP Nanomanufacturing Program through participation in the ITP Nanomanufacturing for Energy Efficiency Workshop, and contributions to the workshop final report.

August, 2008

ORNL Researcher wins 2008 Nano 50™ Innovator Award

ORNL’s Dr. Amit Goyal was awarded a 2008 Nano 50™ Innovator Award by Nanotech Briefs® magazine. These awards recognize individuals as leaders or pioneers in advancing the state of the art of a specific area of nanotechnology.  Dr. Goyal is being recognized for his contributions to self-assembly of nanomaterials to form novel nanocomposites. His research was the first to demonstrate 3D self-assembly of one complex oxide material within another complex material.  This self-assembly process was used to create insulating columns of non-superconducting materials within superconducting wires to significantly enhance their performances in high applied magnetic fields. This technique has resulted in World Record superconductor current capacities, received a 2006 Nano 50™ Award in the “Project” category, and is under active development in collaboration with a U.S. superconducting wire manufacturer.

July, 2008

NanoApplications Center R&D featured in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Work by Claus Daniel of the NanoApplications Center has been recognized by the publication of two articles in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society. The first article “Controlled Evolution of Morphology and Microstructure in Laser Interference-Structured Zirconia” explores the effects of laser interference direct structuring in producing engineered surface structures. A second publication “Improving flexural strength of dental restorative ceramics using laser interference direct structuring” applies this technology to the possibility for a significant improvement of mechanical properties of esthetic dental ceramic materials. Click here for more information on this work.


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